Slope - award-winning live theatre video stream

Creative Tech

Live stream production technology consultation and installation

Client: Untitled Projects
Work Type: Creative Tech
Date: November 2014
Remit: streaming, live, video, internet, production technology, multi camera

Winner of Best Technical Presentation for Critic’s Award for Theatre in Scotland 2014-15

Beyongolia advised on multi-cam vision mixing technology, internet provision and bridged 4G internet installation for the two theatre locations where internet provision was not reliable. Slope, a play by Untitled Projects, simultaneously produced for live audiences in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland and as a live HD film available to stream online throughout the world.

"Simultaneously performed in theatre spaces and broadcast online, this revival of Pamela Carter’s play was an extraordinary technical triumph. It created two equally brilliant, yet very distinctive and atmospheric experiences for its two audiences without one form detracting from the other. Whether one was watching in a studio theatre or online, one felt utterly absorbed by the anguished love triangle between Rimbaud, Verlaine and Verlaine’s long-suffering, young wife Mathilde." - C.A.T.S

  • Stewart Laing — Director
  • Pamela Carter — Writer
  • Nick Millar — Technical Director
  • Anna Chaney - Director of Photography
  • Kiltr - Livestream channel provision

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